The first edition of MISC took place in 2017 and served as a pretext for the first National SUP Championships of Portugal under the aegis of the Portuguese Surfing Federation, in the areas of Race and Junior Marathon, in the U15 and U18 age groups, and also in the first stage of the National Open Circuit.

This first edition was marked by the participation of nearly one hundred national practitioners and two foreigners representing Sweden and Spain.

In 2018, we co-hosted this event again with the Portuguese Surfing Federation, allowing the presence of a bigger and more competitive event, with the presence of five former national champions of Portugal, with reference to Filipe Meira, José Cirilo, Rúben Afonso, Ricardo Rodrigues, and Tomás Lacerda, joined by Anabela Prioste and Angela Chevarria Fernandes and also the Spanish and former Olympic athlete Marta Salaberri.

In 2019 the event was remade in terms of its date, and was rethought towards its internationalisation, however the intended "leap" was not possible, expectation created for the following year.

With the pandemic situation in 2020, it was not possible for us to carry out the event, however the opportunity arose to integrate for the first time in 2021 a stage of the European circuit Eurotour, a circuit that goes through 15 European countries, and is intended for the categories Elite, Youth, Juniors and Open.

In 2017 we counted with the renowned Swedish consultant and coach Magnus Lindstedt, who presented an action called "The development of the Stand Up Paddle technique - how to paddle in a more economical and effective way". His presence brought new technical approaches, another vision of SUP for most of the athletes who participated in the workshop, as also served as inspiration for those who practice this sport.

In the second edition, the documentary by five-time world champion Casper Steinfath "Standing on Water" was the motto for publicising the event, preparing for 2020, which, faced with the pandemic, only allowed a resurgence in 2021.

The year 2021 brought the partnership between the organising club, Clube Naval do Funchal and the Diário de Notícias Company, which thus joined Eurotour for the internationalisation of the event.

As godfather, we count with the presence of the Danish and six times SUP world champion, Casper Steinfath, and about sixty participants representing countries like Peru, Denmark, Czech Republic, Spain, Italy, Greece, Hungary and Germany, athletes with a remarkable curriculum and international reputation.

The 2021 edition was decided in terms of its final classification in the elite men's category at the "photo finish", in its debut year in the Eurotour. We would have Hungarian Daniel Hasulyo and Italian Leonard Nika arriving simultaneously, however Leonard Nika surprised those involved with his victory, leaving Peruvian Itzel Delgado in third. In the women's elite, Portuguese Anabela Prioste beat Italian Catarina Senta and Portuguese Verónica Silva.

The year 2022 brought athletes from Australia, Germany, Costa Rica, Holland, Israel, Italy, United Kingdom, Spain, Portugal to Madeira once again.

In terms of results, and in the elite men's sector, victory went to Australian Ty Judson, followed by Italian Leonard Nika who again overcame Hungarian Daniel Hasulyo.

In the women's elite, Esperanza Barreras, from Spain, beat Petronella Van Malsen, from the Netherlands, and Susanne Lier, from Germany, closed the podium.